I was myself battling with COVID when I noticed the opportunity to use my computer science skills to help out people in distress. I along with my colleague made covidbeds.online to help people of our city (Vadodara) find nearest hospitals with required facilities (ICU, Oxygen, etc).

Unlike most dashboards, we had a quick and easy interface that gave ranked results based on location and bed availability. We got an unprecedented response and within 1 week of launch, we had served more than 30,000 requests.

COVID-19 vs World-XI (a cricketing perspective to the pandemic)

We are 6 months into 2020, halfway down in the test match, and here’s the report card for COVID-19 vs World-XI

The visitor team COVID-19 came from nowhere with an unprecedented challenge. In spite of the scout’s warnings, the team never invested energy or resources to prepare the World-XI for such a formidable team. The was no other option for World-XI but to step up for the face-off.

COVID-19 had a slow yet determined start.

Ever wondered why we split the data into train-validation-test?

Here is the table that sums it all

This is how the architecture looks like…

Sagar Patel

Consultant Data Scientist and Academic Trainer

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